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The Ocelot



                                        Picture a)    


 Picture b)   


Did you know? The ocelot is incapable of roaring, it can only purr.


1. Where in the world is your animal found?

Southeastern Arizona and Southern Texas to Parguay in South America

2. What is the diet of your animal?

Mice; Wood Rats; Rabbits; Snakes; Lizards; Birds; Young Deer; Monkeys; Agoutis

3. What is the habitat of your animal?

 Rain Forest

4. Is your animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?


5. Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary animal?

Tertiary Animal

6. Who are your animals main predators?


7. Why your animal is endangered?

Humans are killing them for their beautiful fur





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Comments (10)

Anonymous said

at 1:03 pm on Dec 14, 2007

I really like this. I find it very informative and eye-catching.Awsome job!!

Anonymous said

at 1:03 pm on Dec 14, 2007

i like it

Anonymous said

at 1:06 pm on Dec 14, 2007

me too. ocelots are sickness christine!!

Anonymous said

at 1:08 pm on Dec 14, 2007

This is actually Miranda!!! I love the site because it's colourful. The Ocelot is a beautiful animal!!!

Anonymous said

at 1:10 pm on Dec 14, 2007

I love your page!
I also love the colour:D

Anonymous said

at 1:14 pm on Dec 14, 2007

I love it it is so awesome. I like that did you know fact it is an awesome fact.

Anonymous said

at 1:17 pm on Dec 14, 2007

Ocelot is Puma's friend

Anonymous said

at 3:15 pm on Dec 14, 2007

lol the ocelot is cute!

Anonymous said

at 3:19 pm on Dec 14, 2007

I know!

Anonymous said

at 8:31 pm on Dec 16, 2007

This cat is cut, good job!

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