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North Chinese Leopard

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*T h e  N o r t h  C h i n e s e     L e o p a r d*





   North Chinese Leopard                                                                                                                    





F a c t s




* It is estimated that there are about 2500 North Chinese Leopards leftin the wild  


* There are only about 100 North Chinese Leopard left in Captivity


* The North Chinese Leopard is the most endangered leopard in the wild


* Nearly all captive N. Chinese Leopards are in Europe.


               * N. Chinese Leopards mate in January-February and the cubs are usually born in litters of 2-3.


               * The cubs open their eyes after approximately 10 days and begin to follow their mother on hunts at about 3 months.


               * Since North Chinese Leopards are rarely seen in the wild the population is unknown, only estimates are made. Because of this they are not considered "endangered enough" for action in preserving their captive line.






A p p e a r a n c e






               * When young, the fur on the North Chinese Leopard is longer and thicker then that of an adult.


               * Their fur is a red - brown - orange color and is covered in black spots, like a regular leopard.








                                              B a s i c s






Where in the world is your animal found?
It is found China, from south in Sichaun to North to Beijing.
What is the diet of your animal?
It varies from rodents, deer, wild goats and wild pigs.
What is the habitat of your animal?
The habitat info is limited because the wild N.C leopards are rarely seen. But because it lives in China the climate is obviously hot and slightly tropical.
Is your animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?
It is a carnivore.
Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary animal?
It is either a tertiary or a secondary animal.
Who are your animals main predators?
Why your animal is endangered?
Many Leopards are hunted and killed for their beautiful coats. This is one reason why they may be endangered.

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Awsome. I found it a little hard to read with it that spaced out, though it seems perfectly fine.

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at 1:22 pm on Dec 14, 2007

nice page!
but you so copied me with the spaces!! lol its okaay though:D

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at 3:14 pm on Dec 14, 2007

good job

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at 3:18 pm on Dec 14, 2007

I like it but i think you might want to change it so that the L is with the eopard.

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at 8:30 pm on Dec 16, 2007

Good job!

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