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Leatherback Sea Turtle

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Łзатћзяваcќ Ѕза тυятlз♥



By:Alyia Tom  7-5♥





Where in the world is your animal found?
 tropical parts of the atlantic, indian oceans and pacific
What is the diet of your animal?
 jellyfish, crustaceans and molusks
What is the habitat of your animal?
cooler water
Is your animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?
Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary animal?
 tertiary animal
Who are your animals main predators?
Why your animal is endangered?
 predators eat their eggs







Did you know..♥


-largest turtle in the world

-soft bodied reptiles coverd with black leathery shell

-shells made of two parts

-carapaces are the parts covering the back of the turtle

-plastrons are the parts covering the belly of the turtles

-these two are connected by a bridge of bones

-these turtles do not have patterns on their carapaces

-four or five ridges running down their carapaces







-they have thick ,oily black skinand two very large foreflippers

-usually grow to be over seven feet(two meters) long and weigh almost 1500 pounds(680 kg)

-cold blooded

-usually are in tropical parts of the atlantic, indian oceans and pacific

-live in cooler waters usually north and south but never into the polar regions


-do not swimm fast enough to cathch enough fish

-eat jelly fish, crustaceans and mollusks

-females can lay up to 1000 eggs





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I like your pictures and colorful text!

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