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Group 5

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 Reasons for Extinction


Red Panda

Reason for Extinction?

The Red Pandas Habitat is slowly decreasing due to deforestation.

Interesting Fact?

The red panda is a part of the raccoon family even though the Giant Panda (Black and White) is a part of the bear family


The Elephant

Reason for extinction:

People hunt them for their ivory tusks.

Intresting Fact:

Elephants are the largest land animals.




there are alot of oil spills

interesting facts:

they are fast swimmers


Indian Python


Humans kill them out of fear. And also because they

use there skin for cloths


Giant Panda


Giant Panda's poplution decreases because of the de forestian.

interesting  facts:

Giant Panda are related to bears and the giant panda and red panda have the same thumb.


Most important reason:

 humans kill all these animals.


Tyler, Miranda, Andrea, Tyhun, Dylan


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at 3:09 pm on Dec 14, 2007

This is such an awesome page. It's really colourful...

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at 12:51 pm on Dec 20, 2007

haha oh yah

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