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Giant Panda

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                      Giant Panda


Picture from:  http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/GiantPandas/PandaHabitat/default.cfm



Where in the world is your animal found?
What is the diet of your animal?
What is the habitat of your animal?
 Giant Pandas live in a few mountains ranges in central China, in Suchuan, Shaanix, and Gansu province.
Is your animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?
 Giant Pandas are Omnivore.
Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary animal?
Giant Pandas are Secondary or Tertiary Animal.
Who are your animals main predators?
 Giant Panda's main predators are Human especailly a man.
Why your animal is endangered?
 because we are taking their food  and we are tearing apart the forest so their dieing because of that and as a result giant panda's population is going down.



Bibliography-   http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Search/default.cfm

                                    Snyder, GREGORY K. "Panda." The world book encyclopedia. 129.

         By:  Tai Hyun Lee








Comments (7)

Anonymous said

at 1:05 pm on Dec 14, 2007

nice picture!

Anonymous said

at 1:10 pm on Dec 14, 2007

Nice use of color in the text!! Very Colorful!!

Anonymous said

at 3:08 pm on Dec 14, 2007

Nice Picture

Anonymous said

at 3:10 pm on Dec 14, 2007

That picture is so adorable. I love it?

Anonymous said

at 3:12 pm on Dec 14, 2007

I like the picture and the colourful writing.

Anonymous said

at 3:16 pm on Dec 14, 2007

the panda is sooooooo cute!

Anonymous said

at 8:27 pm on Dec 16, 2007

Good job!

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