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Endangered Species Assignment (Grade 7)
Total: ______
Part 1: Research (Individual) (10 marks)
1)     Choose one animal that is on the endangered species list to research.
2)     Create a new page on the class wiki by clicking on “New Page.” The name of the page should be the animal that you are researching.  Type the name of your animal on your new page.
3) Find a picture of your animal using Copyright Free sites listed in the library page or pictures from WorldBook Online or Ebsco and copy and paste it into your wiki page. Write the name of your picture source under your picture or copy and paste the URL under your picture (example: picture from WorldBook or picture from Wildlife Endangered Species website).
4) Copy and paste the following chart onto your wiki page:

Where in the world is your animal found?
What is the diet of your animal?
What is the habitat of your animal?
Is your animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?
Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary organism?
Who are your animals main predators?
Why your animal is endangered?

5)     Create a heading Bibliography on your wiki to keep track of your sources. You must use two out of three types of sources for your report:
a.      print resource – books, encyclopedia
b.     online resource – websites
c.     online database – World Book, Ebsco
Use the Citation Machine found on the library page under “Online Resources” to create your bibliography and copy and paste your citations onto your wiki bibliography.
     6) Complete your chart (7 marks) and bibliography (3 marks).
     7) Read the information on the wiki your classmates have provided about the animal they researched.
        8)  Read your classmates' work and leave positive comments using the "Comments" tab.
Part 2 – So What? (Small Groups) (10 marks)
Group 1 Task: (5 marks)
1)     Share with your group members the animal you researched and one important fact about that animal.
2)     Make a list of all the reasons why the animals that were researched by your group members are in danger of becoming extinct. 
3)     Choose the most significant cause or reason why many animals are in danger of becoming extinct.
4)  Create a New Page for your group (e.g. Group 1) and have each person type in why the animal they researched is in danger.  One person can type the most significant reason.

Why are animals endangered?
As a result of…
With the result that…
Due to…
For this reason….

Group 2 Task: (5 marks)
1)     Share with your new group the most significant cause or reason why many animals are in danger of becoming extinct from your first group.
2)     Brainstorm possible ways humans can help to stop animals from becoming extinct.
3)     Choose your best solution and appoint one person to share it with the entire class.
4)  Create a New Page for your group (e.g. Group A) and have each person type in at least one way we can help.  One person can type the best solution for your group.
What can we do to help endangered species?

Part 3: What Next? (Large Group)

1)     One member from each group shares their best solution with the entire class.

2)  Entire class discussion:


Is it too late to save our endangered animals?


Who's responsible for looking after the interests of animals?


What should we do as a class or personally with the information we have


found out about endangered species?

Scoring rubric





Part 1 – Research – 10 marks








Citation for picture




Information chart complete




Bibliography – at least 2 citations for chart




Extra facts




Part 2 – Group discussions – 10 marks




Group 1 Task




Group 2 Task




Project Total






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