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Where in the world is your animal found?
 Asia, India, Africa
What is the diet of your animal?
 mostley small or young antelope
What is the habitat of your animal?
 grassy plains in eastern and southern Africa 
Is your animal a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?
Is your animal a primary, secondary or tertiary animal?
Who are your animals main predators?
 as cubs, lions, hyenas and birds of prey, as adults, primarily people
Why your animal is endangered?
 hunted for pelt, habitat changed to farmland




Wielebnowski, Nadja. "Cheetah." World Book Online Reference Center. 10 Dec. 2007
 Wielebnowski, Nadja. "Cheetah." World Book .



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Anonymous said

at 1:04 pm on Dec 14, 2007


Anonymous said

at 1:09 pm on Dec 14, 2007


Anonymous said

at 3:16 pm on Dec 14, 2007

good job

Anonymous said

at 8:23 pm on Dec 14, 2007

That's a freaky looking cheetah... cool though

Anonymous said

at 8:24 pm on Dec 16, 2007

Good job Jesse!

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